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eXp Realty is the future of real estate!  Unlike large franchise companies, eXp Realty is one large agent-owned international real estate company, licensed in all 50 states and 20+ countries.  eXp Realty is not a franchise, so you pay NO franchise fees.  As an agent at a traditional real estate company you make income one way:  You earn commissions from home sales.

eXp is built completely differently than legacy real estate companies.  eXp has eliminated regional and local brick and mortar offices.  These have been replaced by a cloud-based campus called eXp World.  over 2000 eXp employees services the 89,000+ eXp agents inside eXp World.  

The millions of dollars annually that are saved is shared back to the productive agents in two ways:  1) Agents receive stock ownership in the company as they sell more homes.  2) Agents who help grow the company by attracting agents to eXp Realty, receive residual income from the agents who join because of their sponsoring agent. 

This agent-centric model is a huge disrupter and has taken the industry by storm.  eXp is the fastest growing real estate brokerage in history, as a result.

As an agent at eXp Realty, you can earn income 3 ways: 


Competitive Split

Low Cap

No Franchise Fees



Stock Awards

eXp agents earn EXPI stock 5 different ways!


Revenue Share

eXp agents can earn residual income when they attract agents to eXp Realty

Picking the right sponsor when you join eXp Realty is a very important decision.  Your sponsor, and the group that your sponsor is associated with will help you grow your business, take advantage of all that eXp offers, and help you grow your revenue share group.

BSA exclusives

What's included?

Who are we looking for?

The Building Stronger Agents organization is focused on attracting top notch professionals who will shine and represent the eXp brand in a very positive way.

We are dedicated to helping our agent partners grow to be the best they can be.  We want our agent partners to be successful, build wealth, and develop a strong residual income through revenue share.

If we are describing you, we want to hear from you!

Finally... A sales award worth getting!
Icon Agent Award at eXp Realty

Do you get stock ownership, just for selling homes at YOUR company?

Icon Agent Award

Productive agents (who sell 30-35 homes a year or more) at eXp Realty are rewarded with up to $16,600 a year in EXPI stock!  Just for selling homes!  See why top agents all over the USA are joining eXp Realty. 

The future of real estate.

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